INteractive activities

Theatre for One
Roberto Sainz de la Peña brings, Butterflies, his Theater in Miniature three-minute play designed for one person at a time. A powerful Wizard is looking for inspiration to create the most beautiful Insect of his Kingdom.
KW Junk Music
KW Junk Music, founded by Mary Neil, is an organization that creates instruments by diverting materials from the landfill or recycling plants,. Great fun for the entire family while considering our environment. (Saturday)
Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Wesli built his first guitar from an old NGO - provided oilcan and a nylon shoelace when he was just eight years old. He will be leading an interactive surprise Reggae workshop. (Sunday)
Interactive Reggae with JSUN
jSun's music, funky, strummy, Reggae rhythms will sync your mind, move your body and satisfy your soul. The conscious lyrics over mellow rhythms and the positive message of unity and love is ever present. (Sunday)
Silent Disco with Dj Oonga
Families dance together wearing headphones. You won't hear the music; you'll see the music. All participants interact with each other, and DJ Oonga. An exercise on interaction and communication. (Sunday)
Feel the Music
A concert for the hearing impaired using light and vibration, designed by Grammy nominated, Lucho Quequezana, partnering with Inter Arts Matrix, Vibrafusion Lab and Canadian Hearing Society. (Sunday)
Circle of Sound Drumming with Alison
Bring a drum. Borrow a drum (many available). Everyone welcome to this workshop that goes from simple instruction, to a fabulous jam session. (Sunday)
Najda Now Dabke Group is a community group comprised of people of all ages and cultures who meet weekly to learn Dabke (highly- rhythmic traditional dance of Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan). The group performs few dances before they invite everyone to the floor to participate. This dance is usually performed with people holding hands and standing shoulder to shoulder feeling the rhythm in each other’s bodies and connecting with joy to each other’s sense of cultural identity and pride.(Sat)
In partnership with MT Space and NUMUS, Vanguardia Dance led by its co-artistic directors Norma Araiza & Olga Barrios will present a series of dance/movement interventions that take place throughout the day on the festival ground. These interventions will be performed by a group of movers from around Kitchener area who will participate in a preparatory workshop leading up to the festival. The dancers will also be accompanied by improvised music performed live by a group of local musicians (Sat)
Laura and Daniela of INNVENTORS three-hour amazing workshop for kids aged 6 – 12. Learn how to build robots and bring them to life. Creative way to explore & learn essential skills. Pre-register as there are only 20 spots available.
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3:00 PM | Vanguardia Dance

5:00 PM | Vanguadria Dance
7:00 PM |  Vanguardia Dance 

Saturday July 13


12:00PM| Feel the Music with Lucho Quequezana,

                Isabella Stefanescu and David Bobier

2:00 PM | Theatre for One

2:30 PM | Drum Circle with Alison Feuerwerker

3:30 PM | Wesli Workshop

4:00 PM | Theatre for One

5:00 PM | Silent Disco with DJ Oonga

6:00 PM | Theatre for One

Sunday July 14



3:00 PM | Mary Neil- KW Junk Music

4:00 PM | Theatre for One

5:00 PM | Innventors

6:00 PM | J-Sun Interactive Reggae

6:00 PM | Theatre for One

8:00 PM | Theatre for One

Times to be announced



3:00 PM | Vanguardia Dance

4:00 PM | Levant Community Dabke

5:00 PM | Vanguadria Dance
7:00 PM |  Vanguardia Dance 

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